Adrian Mendonca founded Babybrain Music, inspired by looking after his daughter and sharing music with her.


Adrian specialises in teaching music across various age groups, including the early years. Putting a twist on music activities focussed on children, Babybrain Music helps adults pursue music too! 


Sessions offer parents and carers the chance to enjoy strumming, comping or tapping out chords and rhythms for their children. 

Children enjoy singing, exploring instruments, listening and jamming to music made by the grownups they love. Adults can expect to play mainstream, popular music in no time, using the chords and playing patterns they learn during family music sessions.

If you’re looking for great ways to further your child’s musical experiences as well as your musical skills, Babybrain Music is for you!


To design music tutorials, sessions, and resources that are mutually educational for adults and the children they care for.


To give adults caring for children a chance to pursue musical interests through songs and activities for their children, on a range of instruments.

Much of the music we listen to and enjoy is composed using simple chords that are also used in children’s music. Adrian composes new songs with rich instrumental variety to add to the existing repertoire of children’s music available to enable adults to learn and practise instruments of their choice by playing along to tracks that don’t sound like they were meant only for children.


As a parent caring for his daughter full-time, Adrian has an idea of the many demands on time. It is difficult to find moments during the day when one can invest in self-development.  Through Babybrain Music, Adrian hopes to give adults caring for children a chance to do this without feeling like they are putting personal interests before their child’s needs.

Adrian hopes to bring more musicians on board to contribute to Babybrain Music as it grows, expanding the musical style and variety of instruments on offer. He also hopes to bridge the gap that (often) exists between parents and children, keeping parents up to speed with the musical progress their children make in school and extra-curricular activities.




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